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Advantages of using Java Technology

Advantages of using Java Technology

Java is one of the most popular and high level object oriented programming languages. An object oriented programming language mainly deals with objects which contains both variables and methods. Every object contains a particular class describing the methods and variables of an object. OOPs concept needs a different approach of logical thinking, but it is an excellent methodology when compared to procedural programming. Java is used for various purposes like developing and designing web applications, websites and mobile applications etc. It is also used in several fields, for example finance, manufacturing, insurance, publishing, government, health institutions and industries.

The two important components in Java are JDK (Java Development Kit) and JRE (Java Runtime Environment). JRE is basically used to provide the operating system or platform to build the applications and to run developed applications. JRE is mainly used for running the developed applications. JDK is fundamentally a collection of several tools which are required by the developers to build applications on this platform.

Java is a web services and multi platform supporting language that is used in variety of computing platforms including from embedded gadgets to enterprise servers. You can simply find Java in all over the places like in mobile phones, web services, enterprise applications and desktop computers etc. Through browsing the internet its applets are used to recover efficiency and functionality. Java enables the developers to build highly efficient and secure software on different platforms.

Java has an excellent compatibility feature. It is compatible with approximately all platforms without even a single problem. Java program is friendly with any platforms like Windows Linux or other and will run gently using it and Java offers you a space for creativity. The language guarantees protected working environment, without any fear of virus attack. This aspect makes it popular among other programming languages. Java also supports multi-threading, this feature help developer to build efficient and innovative software applications. Easy to understand and use, compatibility, secured running, versatility and attractive features, makes it is one of the most favored scripting language.

Various multi-tasking software applications are developed with the assistance of Java programming language. Using this language we are able to perform various tasks at a time. Java is an open source platform so it doesn’t need any investment or license to develop application using Java programming.  All these features and advantages make it a unique programming language.

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