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Introduction to Hadoop Training and Certification

Introduction to Hadoop Training and Certification

hadoop training in chennaiWith the cluster and cloud computing are governing the scenes of high performance computing, most of the people are learning new technology and keep up-to-date with latest evolving technologies. Hadoop is most popular technology and widely used now. Owning to this, there is huge demand for Hadoop administrators and experts. With recent boon in big data handling, there are several training institute offering Hadoop Training in Chennai. You need to choose reputed IT training institute to get quality training from experts.

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open source platform for handling huge volume of data. This platform is developed and managed by Apache with many other external developers contribute towards it. So mainly, this framework can store large amount of data in computers ranging from single servers to cluster of several servers. Data processing framework is installed on each and other computers, which can be used to perform data processing activities. Taking Hadoop Training in Chennai will ensure better career prospects for talented professionals.

Hadoop works in unique way that each and every computer can independently and individually handle the data processing.  In case of any hardware failure, the cluster can be replaced by other computers on the cluster. Independent nature of the computers in cluster makes it simpler to scale up or down the cluster based on their data handling requirements. Rather than relying on hardware to offer high performance, the independent computers on the cluster assist in offering expected performance.

What is Hadoop Administration?

When things operate in a group, we need a lead to manage everything. In computer terms, the manager is called as the administrators. The admin or administrators is responsible for maintaining of computers in the clusters. The role of database administrator is very similar to hadoop administrator. They are accountable for the availability and performance of the computers on the cluster. Apart from this, he is also responsible for the data present in the system and current process. Hadoop experts need to carry out some important tasks like configuration, baking up, monitoring, upgrades, trouble shooting, deployment, job management, etc.

Why to Take Hadoop Training:

As mentioned above, big data handling is fastest growing technology in the IT industry. Being new technology, there is massive shortage for qualified professional and it is expected to increase. Professional looking for better career prospects can consider entering hadoop technology. To get deep expertise on big data handling, it is advised to take hadoop training Chennai from leading IT training institute.

Hadoop training syllabus is divided into three categories namely foundation, implementation and advanced. In the hadoop foundation courses, you can learn the basics of Apache hadoop, HDFS, Hadoop File System, MapReduce and other technologies.  When comes to implementation, you will learn how to plan, configure and deploy cluster. You can also learn the basics of few monitoring tools, services and log management with backups, alters and audits. In the advanced course, you will learn the basics of troubleshooting, recovery, diagnosis, securing the platform and optimizing the performance of the cluster. Once completing the training, you are advised to take certification program offered by leading brands to get accredited certificate and boost your career prospects.

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