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Why Learn Java

With new technology getting launched every few months, students are confused on what technology they should learn. Here is why we feel JAVA is the best and you should definitely learn JAVA.

7 reasons why you should learn JAVA at FITA now:

JAVA is Free:
Unlike programming languages like Dot Net where you need to pay Microsoft to get a Dot net installed, JAVA is FREE which makes it easy for students and professionals. This is one main reason why JAVA is very popular over other paid programming languages.

JAVA is easy to learn:
JAVA programming is easy to learn when compared to C or C++. JAVA has a English like syntax which makes it easy to learn

JAVA is Platform independent:
JAVA stands true to its tagline “Write once and run anywhere”. You create JAVA applications in UNIX and run it in Windows and vice versa.

JAVA Open source Libraries:
JAVA has a rich set of libraries which helps in developing your applications faster. Frameworks like Struts and Spring helps you develop applications faster and follow best coding practices. Huge giants like Google contribute to the development of JAVA libraries. There is likelihood that part of your applications is already coded and present as a JAVA library.

JAVA is Object Oriented:
JAVA is an Object Oriented Programming language

Garbage Collection:
JAVA has a powerful garbage collection mechanism. Programmers don’t have to worry about memory issues most of the time.

JAVA is Powerful:
Last but not the least; JAVA is so powerful, secure and robust. JAVA offers a great community support when you get into a trouble. JAVA is used everywhere from mobile applications like Android to mission critical applications like banks and health care. Due to its popularity and availability of huge talent pool, top companies prefer to program their applications in JAVA. There are more opportunities for JAVA programmers. After getting trained in JAVA, students have better job prospects.

For information about JAVA or to have a demo in JAVA, call 81908 00022 or contact us.

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