Who uses the JIRA tool ?

Who uses the JIRA tool?

Who uses the JIRA tool? Jira is the software application it is mainly used for tracking the issue and project management. The software company Atlassian in Australia developed this tool. It is mainly used to track errors, and other tasks, by the agile development team. Learn Jira Training Online, at your home desk, and gain more […] Read More
Best JavaScript Frameworks to use in 2021

Best JavaScript Frameworks to use in 2021

JavaScript Framework is a multi-paradigm language. It can help in different programming styles like event-driven, dominant, and functional styles. The users can manipulate the functions and can use them for their applications. Here in this article, let’s have a look at Best JavaScript Frameworks to use in 2021. Learn Javascript Training in Chennai. Enroll in FITA […] Read More

Reasons to learn Artificial Intelligence

AI has become a buzzword in recent years, it works in several fields, from finance to mobile applications. What’s new, Artificial Intelligence performs a significant role in our daily lives. AI is everywhere, from Siri Google to various social media applications and virtual player games. Enroll in the Artificial Intelligence course in Chennai and identify […] Read More

Benefits of Angularjs

  Angularjs: Angularjs is an open-source web application framework managed by Google and a community of individuals and corporations to address various challenges in developing single-page applications. Learn the different versions of Angular through AngularJS Training in Bangalore, experts approach is helpful to learn everything. AngularJs Advantages Open Source: Angularjs is an open-source JavaScript framework, […] Read More
Java Course

Top 08 Applications of Java Programming Language

What is the Purpose of Java? The most extensively used object-oriented programming language is Java. Java is popular and frequently utilized because of its security features. Many Java aficionados utilize it for various objectives. We can perform a wide range of programs using Java, including enterprise applications, desktop applications, network applications, online applications, games, and […] Read More

Features of Kotlin and the Reasons for using Kotlin

Features of Kotlin and the Reasons for using Kotlin. Kotlin primarily runs on JVM, ie, Java Virtual Machine. It is an Open-Source statically typed programming language. Kotlin can connect Object-Oriented Programming OOPS and functional programming in unique, unlimited platforms. Kotlin can produce the twinning of functionalities by the little methods. Kotlin is a general-purpose programming […] Read More

Features of PHP

PHP: PHP is a web development server-side scripting language. PHP is widely used by programmers and developers all over the world to create websites and web applications. Individuals and businesses hire dedicated PHP programmers regularly to meet their web development needs. Enrich your skills in the web development field via PHP Training in Hyderabad Professionals teach you […] Read More

How Salesforce can improve your business?

Investing in Salesforce CRM enables your business to connect with the customer easily. It is expected to be the leader in the CRM market and boost sales in the company. Join Salesforce Training in Chennai to get your dream job. Salesforce professionals at FITA Academy have in-depth knowledge of the functions. Explore how Salesforce can […] Read More
Android Course

The Three Most Important Reasons for Android App Development Growth

Because of their flawless execution and quick accessibility, mobile applications have taken the world by storm. Android app development has played a significant role in the prevalence of mobile applications. It is unsurprising to learn that there are about 3 million Android applications in the Google Play Store that are utilized by individuals. As we […] Read More

Why AngularJS is highly popular?

AngularJS is a scripting language developed by Google Engineers. It highly supports the web development process. Ionic, Polymer, MEAN and React are used to develop mobile/web frameworks. AngularJS is a perfect suite for client-side web applications and it provides a clean approach. Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), JavaScript, and HyperText Markup Language (HTML) are necessary to […] Read More