Top Reasons to Choose Robot Framework Test Automation

In this blog, we will discuss with Top Reasons to Choose Robot Framework Test Automation, and it is beneficial for your career advancement.

This framework allows test engineers to use Selenium with numerous integrations. Selenium is a business tool for test automation user behaviour and programming-based internet browser interactions for each website. FITA Academy‘s Robot Framework Test Automation Training in Chennai will be your career establishing course.

Robot Framework:

Robot Framework is an open-source automation framework based on Python, which is used for automation testing tools, robotic process automation, integration tests, and acceptance development.

It can combine into behaviour-driven development as a user framework, allowing you to leverage user stories in entire phrases. These user requirements or keywords are then utilized as a layer of abstraction to connect to test scripts.

Top Reasons to Choose Robot Framework Test Automation:

Good Support:

Building automation testing can be difficult, having access to helpful groups is essential.

Open Source Framework:

The Robot Framework is open-source, with the community providing all extra libraries. In addition to the effort pushed by the open platform, there is the Robot Framework Foundation, which finances the Robot Framework’s management and further development through its members.

Robot Framework Test Automation Online Training provides excellent coaching with the help of real-time professionals.

Good Documentation:

Having detailed documentation makes working with any tool easier. The Robot Framework is no exception, with excellent documentation available on its website. For new users, this site provides getting started guidelines, videos, demos, and online courses, as well as a Robot Framework user documentation.

Furthermore, it provides excellent infrastructure for generating various documentation for each extension library that anyone can create. This feature ensures that the quality of documentation is consistent across all community-driven libraries.

Python Extendable:

Some testers may wonder why they would need to expand the Robot Framework when there are so many libraries. The requirement for unique custom keywords. When a specific sort of feature is absent, this is utilized. For example, software testers may need to write a private API or CLI tools for testing. By encapsulating the functionality in Robot Framework custom keywords, it will be available in their test suite.

Easy Reporting:

The Robot Framework generates a clear, simple test report. These measures are based on the tests’ XML outputs. It also assists when reporting to various stakeholders inside a company as an easy reporting tool. Robot Framework Test Automation Training in Bangalore offers worthy certification with 100% placement assistance.

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