A full-stack developer is not an average developer, can build software applications into two categories: front and back-end development, they are multi-tasker who work on the server, Application Program Interface (API), front-end, back-end, database, etc., Join the Full Stack Developer course in Chennai and explore How to become a Full Stack Developer shortly.

Core Responsibilities

  1. Bug Testing in coding
  2. Creating servers and databases
  3. Using regular testing methods for problem-solving
  4. Cross-platform optimization
  5. Designing User relations
  6. Creating solutions for projects

Full Stack developers have programming language, basic designing skills, database management skills. 

Full Stack Development Industry Overview

Front-end and Back end Developers are in great demand nowadays. The maximum salary of a full-stack developer in the US is $162,875. Designing, Problem Solving are considered as the major Full Stack web Developer Skills.

Front-end Tools


Full Stack Developer languages are HTML and CSS which are used to build the blocks easily.


JavaScript helps to build interactive pages easily.


It’s a CSS framework used to produce responsive UI. It has all the designs to build a responsive application. 


Bootstrap tools are used for the web development process. It provides different colors, layouts, and fonts. It has design templates for buttons, navigation, and typography. Enroll Full Stack Developer Online course to learn something new with real-time examples.


Elixir is mainly used to maintain the apps.


Python programming language suits all functional and object-oriented programming languages.

Back-end Tools


It’s a JavaScript library that maintains mobile and single-page applications.


Ember.js is highly used by web developers to create advanced web applications.


The python-based framework is used for server scripting. It encourages quick execution and pragmatic design. Working with API, Development Languages are considered as the major full stack developer skills.


Most websites and mobile applications need a database to store the data. NoSQL, Cache, Cloud Database, etc., are the popular types of the database used by full-stack engineers. 

Know Your Tools

  • Browser

Developers use the browser to troubleshoot the issues. Most developers use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

  • Text Editor

A text editor can edit, enter and store the text characters. They can also update the data in the source code.

  • Operating System

Most important prerequisites, you cannot do programming without using the system.

Decide Your Goal

It is important to identify your goals and interests so that you can find the right sets of tools and technology.

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