Who uses the JIRA tool ?

Who uses the JIRA tool?

Jira is the software application it is mainly used for tracking the issue and project management. The software company Atlassian in Australia developed this tool. It is mainly used to track errors, and other tasks, by the agile development team. Learn Jira Training Online, at your home desk, and gain more knowledge in the Jira tool. Here in this article, we discuss Who uses the JIRA tool?

Types of teams that using the JIRA tool 

The agile developing methodology became more generally applied by software organizations. The Australian company, Atlassian has developed the Jira platform. It allows many internal products including:

Jira Core

This tool is a basic project management tool, it is designed mainly for non-technical teams. Departments like marketing, HR, finance, are using this core tool for continuous workflow approvals, change requests, and task management.

Jira Software

The Jira software version is created for software development teams. Jira software gives the core’s features and also covers the active functionality. Software teams used this tool for controlling, tracking, and responsibilities, and product management of primary software development.

The Jira software was also created to maintain the development teams it uses Scrum, Kanban, and agile frameworks

Jira Service Desk

For IT teams the Jira Service Desk is developed. Helpdesk, Call center managers, and other professionals are using Jira Service Desk for change management, issue ticketing.

How Jira Works in Product Management?

For Jira software, product management is one of the common software. The product team can sync the status of day-to-day tasks with the big-picture strategy. The Jira-roadmap combination can serve your product team.

Draw Issue-Completion Updates from Jira into Roadmap

The roadmap software team can sync updates of duties in Jira with its roadmap. The roadmap will make the team’s roadmap a unique source of truth.

Prioritize Issues from Jira Using Roadmap App

The product roadmap will have a tool to help you with the weight costs and advantages of initiatives and determine what the team should work on first.

  • Potential revenue
  • Implementation costs
  • Operational efforts
  • Customer value

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